Frequently Asked Questions

24 FAQs

  • Is the house provided? Can I rezz/build my own house?

    Houses are available, but you can also install your own house as long as it fits theme. Houses count against your prims whether it's ours or yours and we request that you use quality mesh or well textured prim-based homes.  Mesh Homes can be super low prim too.  There are some nice examples already on the Horses sim.

    A security system for perimeter of your home is provided, set by our admins only. This ensures low lag orbs and prevents visitors from getting ejected from public areas like roads and trails. Pretty much most of the land is public except for the sponsor's homes.  99.999% of visitors are good citizens.

  • What sort of security do you provide for a home here, to protect my privacy?

    A security system for perimeter of your home is provided, set by our admins only. This ensures low lag orbs and prevents visitors from getting ejected from public areas like roads and trails. Pretty much most of the land is public except for the sponsor's homes.  99.999% of visitors are good citizens.

    ABOUT SECURITY ON HORSES AND AERO PINES PARK: On Horses and Aero Pines Park sims, your homes will be given front gates (already included on Horses, coming soon to APP) and privacy landscaping to show public visitors where is a private home, to further assist in your privacy.

    ABOUT SECURITY ON EQUUS IN THE CANYON COVE COMMUNITY: On Equus, we have also set the parcels up so that people cannot see you inside the parcel, and you can’t see outside the parcel (people not prims).  Further, those parcels are surrounded by invisible prims to help make it difficult for nosey visitors to Cam in on you.

  • I want more privacy. Can I have a skybox?

    Skyboxes must be above 1500m. Try to be at different elevation from neighbors skyboxes.

  • Can I sublease?

    Yes, but subleasee must be interviewed and comply to building code and theme.

  • What if I want to do something commercial?

    We limit the types of commercial operations on our sims so that we can better attract peaceful mature people, versus immature and annoying people. A store's appearance that is not within our theme, can be a skybuild, as long as the business type fits well with our community.  For example, country style furniture, non-adult rated clothing, or non-sex scripted motorcycles are a good fit.   -  Weapons or race car sales are NOT a good fit.

    Note: If you are wanting to do a club or saloon, Equus region is our full region holds 80+ avatars, and more if you have occasional mega event.

  • Can I leave rezz on for my customers, or deed land to my group?

    No, we do not allow any public rezzing except for special events.  We also do not hand over deeds to parcels when they are rented.  Our parcels remain in our land group and prims are shared sim-wide to prevent any difficulties for you or for us.

    For shop renters though, we will set up the parcel for the store you've rented, with your store name, description and graphic so that you can have your custom landmark and the store is "yours"!

    Additionally, all homes and now stores, are given a radio so you an change streams on your parcels.

  • How do I change the music stream on my parcel?

    We provide an SL radio to control the stream on your parcel.  If your parcel does not yet have one, please contact Filipa Thespian and one will be installed right away.  The radio is usually found next to the front door, on the inside, where a light switch might have been if this were RL.

  • Can I be a Horse Avatar here?

    Yes, but we have some very stringent rules for horse avatars.


    1. you may not stand in front of stores to attract shoppers to interact with you.
    2. you may not block roads with your body and/or an attached cart or buggy.
    3. you may not ask for tips from those you give rides to or otherwise engage with, however, if they freely offer a tip with no encouragement or suggestion from you in any way, you may accept it.
      1. We prefer though, that you suggest they tip any one of the big horseshoe donation boxes to support the community and keep this playground alive for you to enjoy.
    4. you may not solicit for anything at all of any kind.


    1. Interact with visitors to enhance their fun here at Aero Pines but do it as a horse in local chat, if you are a horse.  If you're going to RP, RP :).
    2. Talk to them normally in IM's if they instigate an IM.  Help them learn about SL, the sims, the events, things that happen here, etc.
    3. Take them for rides if you and they both wish it, but respect their privacy, their rights as human beings, and their wishes.
  • How do I get support for well ... anything?

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT for your home and other issues, is provided by owners and volunteer admin staff (who are also all paying land sponsors).  Admin personnel are listed in The Aero Pines Park Group Charter window. Paste this link into chat and click on it:


    Please join the new website and access our new support ticket system here:  There is also a detailed FAQ page, here:  The notecard handed out in world is for your convenience, but the website will always have the most up to date information available.

  • Am I an ideal resident for this community?

    If you like a huge house or building with many rooms and a yard filled with scripty stuff; You are NOT IDEAL resident!   - Unless you are sponsoring a whole region.

    If you like lots of recreation land, and can live in a low prim house with light belongings; You ARE AN IDEAL resident!

  • What does it cost to sponsor, and what do I get for my money? (i.e. what does it cost to live here?)

    We don't have renters, we have "sponsors".  All prospective land sponsors are interviewed to see if they are a good fit for our community which is essential to keeping things peaceful, simple, and drama-free.

    All Sponsorships accounts are paid BI-WEEKLY or MONTHLY

    HOMESTEAD SIMS, "Horses" and "Aero Pines Park"

    • 500 Prims      $16US/$4000L          ($1000L per week)
    • 1000 prims    $32US/$8000L          ($2000L per week)
    • 1500 prims,   $48US/$12000L        ($3000L per week)
    • 3000 prims    $95US/$24000         ($6000L per week)

    * Prim upgrades are subject to availability.

    FULL SIM Sponsorship Levels (Equus Region)

    (more processor power, can hold more avatars for parties/events)

    •  500 Prims    $16US/$4000L                   ($1000L per week)
    • 1000 Prims   $32US/$8000L                    ($2000L per week)
    • 1500 prims   $36US/$10000L                 ($2500L per week)
    • 3000 prims  $75US/$21000L                  ($5250L per week)

    Keep in mind we are NOT a land rental business making profit. We are a land group community supporting itself under cost with a focus on providing fun and events for you and our clients.

  • What is the theme here?


    Guideline: Take a look at your build from afar and from your neighbor's house, if it takes away from the natural setting, then its probably going to be reported as eyesore. Please utilize natural materials (brick, wood, stone, etc) in country areas. Beach houses can be bamboo to contemporary, as long as its tasteful AND TURN FULL BRIGHT OFF UNLESS IT’S ON A “LIGHTBULB”.

    • No old megaprims without approval.
    • Do not block waterways with decking or docks
    • 3 story limit. Tall builds must have tall trees nearby (scattered, no rows).
    • 5m height limit on garden or corral fencing.
    • No walled-in compounds except in sky or underground
    • If you must have a driveway (which invites visitors to get kicked by your security), a 'friendly' sign designating private drive will be required and provided by management.
    • Colors: No wild loud colored trees, buildings, or objects.
    • No whimsical fantasy unnatural-looking landscaping (ie. giant mushrooms, rainbow trees, etc)
    • Signage: Tasteful elegantly-designed signage only - avoid poster and bling clutter
    • A sim must have 130 prims+ available so that fire trucks, motorcycle groups, and group trail rides can pass through
    • Do not return any builds. Contact build owner.
  • Can I landscape my new home?

    Residents can add accents around the sims.. Avoid huge, scripted, flexi, or heavy-textured trees, plants, and waterfalls. There are lots of pretty heavily-landscaped sims in SL, but you can hardly move on most of them. Let's all work together to keep our low lag reputation. All objects you place in public areas and ROADSIDE must be set to Share With Group and PHANTOM if possible.

    Seasons and important USA holidays and celebrations are observed. Landscapes will change coinciding with North America hemisphere. Winter will envelop the sims from late November through February. Residents can decorate tastefully, keeping in mind you might have to sacrifice your existing prims and scripts (such as furniture or other house decor) to be able to have enough prims and script time for holiday or seasonal decor.

    Please no trees in a line. It looks so Mainland-ish. Please scatter them and avoid branches over sims borders.

    1. Turn on "View Property lines" to avoid branches overhanging sim borders.
    2. Turn on "Highlight Transparent" in view menu or CTRL ALT T to view the overhang of your trees.
    3. Most residents don't get this and you will get friendly notice when scripted trees overhang sim borders.
  • What are the rules about scripted things here?

    The less scripts on a sim, the lower the load on the sim server processor.  If you want to rezz a heavily-scripted product, such as an animated animal or other wonderous object(s) with special effects,  please put in a public area for all to share the lag. Heavy load scripts found in private area is subject to return.

    Its difficult for residents to know if they just bought something that is really laggy.  When we find a product that is unacceptable, first we contact the creator about the lag impact of their product and inquire if they have an update, before letting you know your thing is lagging the region. Some scriptors just don't care or have the knowledge of how much their product lags a sim.

    Scripted Products/Items Guidelines

    • AVOID ROTATION, texture-changing, and flashing scripts
    • Limit 1 dog & cat per household. Must be idle when away. Do not leave active on a floor prim while away or may get returned.
    • NO animated roaming animals in private area - Limit 50+- breedables per homestead - Stockyard must be in skybuild out of view
    • NO cluttery clubs filled with scripts other than typical dancing, food, beverage, instruments, and table game
    • NO prims hanging over sim border, ESPECIALLY scripted prims
    • NO Gambling/casino devices in public view
    • NO temp rezz, ie falling coconuts, fish rezzors, blowing leaves, etc unless approved
    • Avoid physical objects on prims touching ground (ie: Active dogs in house, cars in garage with active physical properties)
    • Weather systems must be provided by Management or used by approval only
  • Can I have my breedable pets here?

    To preserve our low lag lifestyle, breedable pets are allowed to be rezzed in small numbers on the ground, but must have realistic animal-keeping dioramic appearance (No stockyards or stacks of pets or offspring.  For example, in real life you would not keep five horses in a small stall or pen, nor would they stand in a row. Keep your unrealistic-looking stockyard in the sky and out of view.

  • Are child avatars and role-play welcome here?

    Child avatars, RP families, and other RP groups are welcome at Aero Pines Park, although we prefer you keep to yourselves and DO NOT TRY TO ENGAGE OUR OTHER VISITORS with your RP scripts, baby talk, talking fetuses, vampire biting, wolf scratching, master/slave RP, or the like.  If another guest reports being harassed by your RP, you will be banned.

  • Can I interact with other visitors to the community?

    All Sponsors are ambassadors for the sims. Always friendly, always helpful. Don't overreact or show aggression. Most visitors are clueless about our policies, and therefore presumed innocent before guilty.

    Regarding drama, we have a ZERO tolerance policy. If you have trouble with an ill-mannered visitor, contact an admin found by opening the land group for the sim you live on, to the covenant panel to see list of admins in the charter.

  • What are the rules for riding my motorcycle or other automobile?

    There is no speed limit for motorcycles. Speed limit for cars and service vehicles is SLOW  when visitors are present.

    ***Keep Minimap open in corner of your screen to avoid hitting equestrians or others on roads.***

    This helps to avoid accidents. Always stop and apologize, welcome them if visitor, or introduce yourself if fellow sponsor.

    Please be respectful of the theme for certain areas. Car driving is privilege of land sponsors only.

    Friends don't let friends drive race cars on our sims. Go to a race track.

  • What are the rules about riding my horse?

    Well, horses are at core of Aero Pines.  Our entire community is geared toward providing a great environment for horses and those who love them.  So ride away!

    Horses are usually something you wear, so anyone can ride them here, but if you are a resident and have the ability to rezz your horse, please only do so to mod it in some way then put it away in your inventory or hop on and ride off into the sunset.

    Their are some horses that can be set to wander, eat, lay down, etc, if left rezzed on the property but these are animated and create a LOT of lag.  As a result, we do not allow that here.

    Do keep your mini-map open so that you can see the green dots and avoid crashing into pedestrians, motorcycles, bicyclists or any other sort of item riding visitor.

  • I have a pet that I wear everywhere, is he welcome here?

    No.  We're sorry but they make lag.  Whenever puppeteer prims move about, they create intense lag.  So anything that you wear that has an animation that either makes it move its head, twitch a tail, move its legs to appear to walk, or any movements of any kind, cannot be worn here at any time.

  • What sort of events can we attend here?

    We have a series of seasonal events that we host as well as regular smaller events that happen on a weekly basis.  Please be sure to check the event calendar here on our website to get the exact dates for any of these mentioned here:


    • WINTER: December through February
    • SPRING: March through May
    • SUMMER: June through August
    • FALL: September through November


    • VALENTINE'S DAY: February
    • EASTER: Eggapalooza
    • 4th OF JULY: on the 4th of July lol
    • HALLOWEEN: October 1 - October 31
    • THANKSGIVING: November 1 - November 30
    • CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY SEASON: December 1 - January 2
    • ICE SKATING: All through Winter


    • Fishing with Friends
    • iMoogi Radio Club Parties with DJ Roxy:
      • Every Saturday and Sunday mornings from 3am to 5am SLT at the iMoogi Radio Night club in town on Equus
  • What can I do here on this website?

    Well, we've created it to help you continue your great Aero Pines Park experience beyond Second Life while helping us to provide you with even better support and information.

    This site is not just for us to share information with you, but for you to interact with us and other residents like a social community.  Once you join, you can update and modify your profile, friend people, upload your pic, photos of things you do here at Aero Pines, memory albums, post on people's walls and so much more.

    You can also get support at our support page once you have a login.

    Please do join and extend your fun to the great beyond 🙂

  • What is Aero Pines Park?

    Welcome to Aero Pines Park & Recreation Area!

    The objectives of these sims are LOW LAG and awesome unobstructed views with plenty of seasonal and year-round fun activities that you and your friends, family and loved ones can do together!  Our residents and guests enjoy playing on the land throughout the sims with horses, horse-drawn vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft, watercraft, and service vehicles. Therefore, the landscapes, public builds, and resident's homes are script-conservative without animated critters. Aero Pines Park also serves education & training groups, large-scale event producers, group field trips, annual mega events, etc.

    Since 2006, The Aero Pines Park Land Group (formerly known as The Bolero Group) has been providing low lag recreation land, homes, and events for active avatars. The not-for-profit community is sponsor-driven. The land is developed for various special interests. Unlike typical rental sims, the residents have the opportunity (but are not required) to work together at theme preservation, service and maintenance, events, activities, and customer/guest services.

    We will soon have an extended version of Aero Pines Park in 3D for you to visit in a whole new way!  Be sure to keep checking back for updates.

  • What is iMoogi and who is Filipa Thespian?

    As of January 2016, we entered a partnership with iMoogi Enterprises, LLC, owned and operated by Filipa Thespian (who many of you have likely met already).  With the inclusion of iMoogi and their businesses, events, building skills and attractions, we have been slowly upgrading and altering, keeping things changing and exciting for return visits and a growing residential and retail community.

    iMoogi Enterprises brings iMoogi Radio, iMoogi TV, Nu Vibez Magazine and Gods of Valor to name a few.

    Learn more about these great brands:

    Filipa is now the primary landlord for properties here at Aero Pines, but you can talk to Cindy or Filipa for your rental needs, inquiries, or dilemmas.

    More info about iMoogi Enterprises can be found on this website: